Last modified - Thu, 6 April, 2017

This April SKY CLUB Team is happy to Award our FANTASTIC players with:

+ 500 $$ Weekly Awards - We'll split the month to 4 "weeks" - 01-08 April, 09-15 April, 16-23 April, 24-30 April.

+ 5$ / 3$ / 2$ Daily Awards - Our Daily Awards. Just win more than 1 MPs in a single daily Ranking (check the Calendar on our page) and if you are in TOP 3 you'll win this Award.

+ Higher Awards in BBO at each of SKY CLUB's tournaments in March.
(for March SKY CLUB awarded winners with more than 10000$).

+ Higher MasterPoints Awarded from all BBO paid Clubs (except ACBL) - confirmed from BBO;

+ SPECIAL SKY CLUB Rank - The competition continue !!!

Compete and reach one of the SKY CLUB's Ranks. Become:

- SKY CLUB Champion


- SKY CLUB Expert

- SKY CLUB Master

- SKY CLUB Player

This is PERMANENT Rank.

Once you reach it, SKY CLUB will place your name in our Special SKY CLUB "Hall of Fame" page. You cant lose it. You can only reach higher level next time, or double your current rank :)

How it will works: Every week we'll give to our TOP 100 players "Hall of Fame" points (HFP from 30 to 10). You have to reach some levels from 4 weeks of Competition (your HFP for the month will be sum from HFP from all 4 weeks).

The levels are:

Over 50 HFP for "SKY CLUB Player" level

Over 80 HFP for "SKY CLUB Master" level

Over 100 HFP for "SKY CLUB Expert" level

Over 110 HFP for "SKY CLUB Star" level

Winner of the month will become "SKY CLUB Champion" !!!

You can see your monthly "Hall of Fame" Points on our Rankings page..


Every Week TOP 50 players in Weekly Ranking wins 500$ Awards:


STAR players are very special guests in SKY CLUB, as always. They'll play free in our individual tournaments, and win 50% from Awards. STARS players win 50% from Weekly and Daily Awards as well.



Subs win 1$, only if they Win the Tournament.



First tournament in Daily SKY CLUB's Schedule starts at 06:40 cet / 00:40 EST, last tournament for the day starts at 05.52 cet / 23:52 EST.



Every rude or abusive behavior will NOT be tolerated and player will be forced to leave the current tournament. Consecutive behavior from same player will force us to expulse him / her for 14 days. We're not kidding - check our Penalty list



2 or more players from same house (IP address) need to pre-alert TD at current tournament. At any valid complains about these players, their illogical bid or play, TD will adjust against them, even at Individual tournaments.



We reserve the right to disqualify players because of cheating, without presenting any proof. All cases will be forwarded to abuse@bridgebase.com for further investigations.



Players with RED and BLACK cards from SKY CLUB Penalty list can't play at the Festival. Rude behavior, abusive (or penalty) bidding, idiotic RDBLs or 7NTs, will include your name in this Penalty List.



All complaints and Questions please e-mail to skyclub@bridgebase.com, or visit our Contact us section



Join us, Enjoy the Game and try to win Fantastic Awards.