"SKY CLUB" allows to everyone to compete in our Tournament Series. That's why the level of players in our tournaments is very variable. We would like to create place, where everyone can have fun, playing bridge. That's why we use very simple rules of behavior.



Be polite with everyone at the table - we apply ZERO TOLERANCE Rules. If someone at the table is impolite to partner or to opponents, please call TD and let him take care.
Rude behavior to SKY CLUB TDs is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN - every rude player will be thrown out of tournament immediately without returning it's entry fee, and will be put in SKY CLUB's Penalty List.



Only ENGLISH is allowed for communication until last board in round is finished. Conversations when bidding/play is in progress, are not recommended.



Dummy stays silent during play.



Play FAST and FAIR - we'll not tolerate any potential slow play because of waiting of end-of-round.



ALERT all conventional bids, non-standard bids and also when in doubt (standard assumed SAYC). Please, pre-alert any "Strong Club" systems, 1NT with range, different from 15-17 pts, your leads and carding methods.



Explain your bids quick and correct on request from your opponents.



Every rude or frequently incorrect player will be included in our Penalty List. Frequently leaving SKY CLUB tournaments because of bad scores will be treated also as bad behavior.




No "Point system" is allowed (when 1-in-major open bid is not natural with at least 4 cards in bidded suit, and "Pass" mean more than 12 points).


No psych (bluff, poker) bids are allowed in 1st/2nd position. 3rd or later positions are open for psych bids, but if you feel that there's illegal agreement between your opponents, call TD immediately!


ABSOLUTELY no psych bids in ANY position with conventional bids.


SKY CLUB Team strongly recommend to all players to use SAYC as default bidding system in ALL SKY CLUB Individual tournaments. Understanding with random partner is hard enough to can apply new system any round...




If 2 players play from same IP, they need to ALERT TD on current SKY CLUB tournament about this before end of round 1.


If 2 or more players play from same IP (especially at Pairs tournaments) and they didn't notice TD about this, they can't win Awards in SKY CLUB. We're sorry about this rule, but we have seen a lot of cheaters around, and we would like to protect all of you, our fair players.